Leerzame tweets van een Zionist

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Global Anti-Semitism is forcing Jews across the globe to return to Israel, the Jewish homeland. G-d is using our enemies to gather us in.

Our enemies have free choice but since they choose evil, the L-rd transforms their actions into a positive outcome.

The truth is that we actually have reason to thank our enemies. They have kept us together as a people better than we ever could have.

Every country that “loves” us actually increases our destruction through assimilation. Those that hate Jews actually unify us as one people.

I’m not saying I want Anti-Semitism, I’m saying the outcome has kept us united as a people for 3,300 years. There’s growth in suffering.

Most nations that have been through these events don’t survive. Our existence is miraculous when looked at our history. Smallest of nations.

It’s easy for a large nation of billions to survive throughout history but how can you explain a mere 14+ million. That number is constant.


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