Titanic en Joden

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Een interessante serie tweets over Joden en de Titanic in verband met de herdenking dat het 15 april 100 jaar geleden was dat de Titanic op zijn eerste reis tragisch verongelukte.

1of12#TitanicKosher at least 8 Jews of the Titanic are buried at the Baron De Hirsch Cemetery in Halifax Nova Scotia

2of12#TitanicKosher I find the convergence of the Titanic tragedy with Passover very moving.

3of12#TitanicKosher Did you know what was on the boat? Seven parcels of parchment of the Torah owned by Hersh L. Siebald

4of12#TitanicKosher The Titanic was “unsinkable,” great Empires thought they were “unsinkable,” they crumbled.The Jews are still here. Why?

5of12#TitanicKosher Why did the Titanic sink and why did the Jewish people survive when everyone would have predicted they wouldnt?

6of12#TitanicKosher the reason Titanic sank…is because those who made it, were overconfident..it could never be destroyed…

7of12#TitanicKosher I find the convergence of the Titanic tragedy with Passover very moving.

8of12#TitanicKosher The people who built the Titanic, were so arrogant, so sure of invincibility, that they sailed straight into destruction

9of12#TitanicKosher the day that the ship set sail, a large banner read …”even G-d can’t sink this ship”. That’s arrogance Chutzpa!

10of12#TitanicKosher the Titanic sunk for the overconfidence of its builders, the Jews survived coz of the determination of its leaders..

11of12#TitanicKosher we survived as Jews.Why? Because of the eternal relationship with G-d expressed through Torah and Mitzvos.

12of12#TitanicKosher Torah & Mitzvot remains our great calling as we celebrate our 3324 birthday this Passover Moshiach Now!


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