Waargebeurd verhaal over Rabbi Schneerson

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Ontvangen via twitter:

Rabbi Schneerson passed away in 1994, over 17 years ago. There are dozens upon dozens of miraculous events & prophecies credited to him.

The Rabbi had a practice of handing out dollar bills & blessings to the tens of thousands of people who came to ask him for his guidance.

Israeli newspapers are reporting that several months ago, Gilad Shalit’s mother received one of these dollar bills from a friend.

On the dollar bill was an inscription over 20 years old that read ’20th of Tishrei’ & wishes for a ‘Blessing and success in all matters’.

It just happens to be a “coincidence” that the 20th of Tishrei was the day that Gilad Shalit returned home from captivity. Odds are 1/365..

It wasn’t until the day of Gilad’s release that his mother realized the date written on the bill over 20 years ago.

Here’s a link to the Israeli website reporting the story – ynetnews.com/Ext/Comp/Artic… – There are dozens of stories like this about the Rebbe.

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