Vrijheid en wetten

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Een korte interessante serie tweets. Ook weer iets om even over na te denken.

The United States of America is one of the most free nations in the world, yet, we certainly have many more laws than all other countries

In fact, most dictatorial regimes have far fewer laws than free societies. Laws are necessary to protect us from physical & spiritual harm

In short, the 613 Mosaic laws are not a “burden”, just the opposite. They guide humanity on how to live & love properly in a free society

This is why God told the Jewish nation that only when we follow the commandments are we truly “alive”. Those who abhor God’s laws are “dead”

I have often been told by non-Jews that God’s Mosaic laws are a burden upon man. Actually, laws are necessary to ensure “true” freedom

So, if the laws of man are designed to protect us, how much more so the laws of God, our creator? Those who believe otherwise are fools.


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