Een paar besluiten van de VN

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Vandaag een paar confronterende tweets over besluiten van de VN

Here’s just a few of the “great” decisions the United Nations (of terrorists) have made in electing criminals to top positions;

1. Iran’s election as deputy-president of a 15-member board helping to create a UN arms treaty to severely restrict our 2nd Amendment rights

2. Zimbabwe President Mugabe’s appointment as a UN tourism envoy despite his decades-old record of serious criminal & human rights abuses.

3. Syria’s election to a UNESCO human rights committee despite the ongoing slaughter of civilians that has claimed an estimated 20,000 lives

4. UN elections for the current Human Rights Council gave seats to China, Cuba, Russia & Saudi Arabia which have bad human rights records.

The United Nations must be kicked out of the U.S. This criminal organization has zero credibility in the eyes of honest global citizens #UN


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