The far left is obsessed with criticism on a book. Here’s what it gets wrong.

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Murtaza Hussain published the article “The Far Right Is Obsessed With a Book About Muslims Destroying Europe. Here’s What It Gets Wrong.” on December 25, 2018 in The Intercept_ . Here’s a first response

On the first place you can question whether an author with a muslim-name is the right person to point out what might be wrong, because there’s too much risk of getting entangled in a conflict of interests.

The second questionable point is the use of the term “far right” in the header. Only frustrated left uses this kind of exaggerations. Other examples are to call a democratic chosen leader “authoritarian”, while in the meanwhile the left want to put all kinds of restrictions on our lives.

Despite being a year old, his book continues to be cited by anti-immigrant hard-liners in the United States, as well as right-wing European politicians like Orbán.

So… If a book is one year old it is already outdated?

But the facts speak for themselves. If we take a look at the most leftist countries in Europe, we can see the truth of book. Sweden, once the most safe country in Europe, now has “the rape capital of Europe’, and in 2017 there were 55 “no-go-zones” where the police was not able to maintain Swedish law and where muslims took over.

Denmark is putting “criminal immigrants” on an island infested with viruses is they are not able to go back to the country they came from. Italy doesn’t want any more immigrants, Spain is struggling with immigrants, France has turned into a warzone by immigrants in several cities, and in the camps surrounding Calais if they want to travel to the UK.

These are facts. These are signals. These are warnings.

Murray, though, is gravely alarmed by whatever foreign dress he does see. In his own hometown of London, according to a 2012 census he cites in the book, “only 44.9 percent of London residents now identified themselves as ‘white British.’” The fact that more than 80 percent of Britain is nonetheless white-skinned like him is apparently little comfort

And rightfully so. First they take over the cities and they will continu to the countrysides. We can see this in our own country. Until 2012 there were hardly any muslims in rural areas, now you can see them there too. They don’t greet, they don’t adept, they don’t integrate, they keep living their lives as being superior to anybody around them! Exactly the kind of thing Murray is concerned about!

And not only Murray is painting an apocalyptic picture. There are more and more signs that our civilization is coming to an end… just as most civilizations before ours. The islamisation of Europe is just one of those signals… And he rightfully “recounts a litany of crimes committed by immigrants”. Statistics in our country show thata 65% of Moroccan youth has been “in contact with” law enforcement!

And no, the situation is not yet as apocalyptic as Hussain tries to paint the picture, ignoring signals is just plain stupid! If there’s a light going on on the dashboard of your car you can do the wise thing and visit a mechanic, or do the leftist thing, pull out your duct tape and cover the light, believing the problem is solved.

In case it needs to be said…

Yes, the left doesn’t want to talk about it, like keeping your mouth shut will solve the problem, so YES, it needs to be said. And it needs to be said over and over again, until the left stops listening to their feelings and starts accepting the facts. Stops covering the warning lights with dutape, and starts visiting a mechanic to get the problem fixed the right way!

Murray’s narrative of lawlessness is blinkered to the point of being propaganda.

It’s a good thing we all can check the statistics to see who’s right! But lets talk about the far left propaganda for just a second. We were told almost all refugees were highly educated, would adept to our lifestyle rapidly and contribute to society.

Another fact: One refugee in our country costs around € 50.000,= just to get settled. And than the majority of them ends up on Social Welfare, not contributing one penny to society! Despite the economy going well, and there are less natives in SW every year, SW keeps growing every year! Just a little fact… just one little fact…

A short word about “lowest criminal crime rates”. While I am not like Hussain, I can only speak for the country I live in, the Netherlands. We have had the same messages in every newspaper in our country… and of course those messages were gladly shared, being proof of the success of the left government.

A few days after this media bombardment, there was a small article. It was an interview with a chief of police, who declared, and this was later confirmed by other sources, that is was just the recorded crime rate! He stated that the real figures should be about five times higher than the reported ones! FIVE TIMES HIGHER!!

But people and entrepeneurs don’t report crime anymore, because it just takes a lot of time, and the police is not longer capable of solving those crimes. The only reason you need to report a crime is for reasons of insurance. They demand a police report before they will pay the damage.

So please, check the facts about “lowest crime rates”

So this statement of Hussain

Across the continent, the wave of refugees has already crested, without the breakdown of law and order claimed by far-right polemicists.

is clearly NOT TRUE!

In the meantime, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Pakistan continue to quietly host millions of refugees,

Quietly? Quietly? Turkey is being paid billions to host a few refugees. And they keep threatening to rest of Europe to sent those ‘millions’ across Europe if Europe doesn’t bow for dictator Erdogan. Please explain the definition of quietly to me!

If we take a look at history we can see that muslim invasions were stopped more than once. We’ve always had a history of war and battle with islam, which is to no surprise. Twice they were stopped at the gates of Vienna. Since this whole battle instinct is in the DNA of islam (fact: Almost all battles in the world today are somehow related to islam!) it’s just plain stupid to deny this fact! To know islam is to know they are still striving to establish a worldwide caliphate.

To know islam is to realize the concept of “taqiyya”, which ads to the dubious grounds on which this whole article was written.

And of course the best tactic is to get your soldiers behind enemy lines quietly, so you have a big army at your disposal if needed. How else can we explain the fact that there were found tens of thousands of weapons in or near several mosques across Europe. The confiscation might be a temporary setback, but these weapons will surely be replaced (and stored elsewhere).

The comparison with Zweig is strange. Everybody can see that one of the main purposes in islam is to kill all Jews (and than Christians and than all don’t want to convert to islam), so it is not so strange that Murray cites him. The face is different, the problem is the same.

every generation faces unique challenges for which they must find new solutions

This generation is facing a multitude of problems. Or at least, the left is searching for a multitude of problems to fear people and to able to push their agenda. So, who wants to have yet another problem. So this ‘argument’ is of absolutely no value whatsoever in this discussion.

It looks more that our left-orientated governments try to use refugees as a distraction from the real problems we are facing, just like they use “climate change”. Please watch the documentary made by leftist documentary maker Marijn Poels called “The uncertainty has settled” for more detailed information about this issue.

But we face more problems than any generation before use. Healthcare is getting out of control, social security, security in general, traffic gets digested more each day, elderly are lonely, children get more and more problems to cope with a more and more demanding society. We have to deal with natural disasters, which get bigger, heavier, more frequent.

So please, don’t throw “unique challenge” on the table as an argument! It’s nothing than a distraction from the failing left liberal ideology of how to run a country.

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