Een paar dagen…

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De laatste tijd heb ik het erg druk gehad, dus ben niet aan mijn gebruikelijke updates op facebook toegekomen. Inmiddels is het zoveel dat ik hier even een samenvatting maak van de belangrijkste gebeurtenissen sinds 29 september 2021.

Even “koppensnellen”

  • Biden Admin Withholds Report on Hezbollah’s Financial Empire
  • North Korea claims that the missile launched yesterday is a new Huesong-8 hypersonic missile.
  • The Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain’s La Palma continues to emit thick clouds of smoke and lava after erupting early last week.
  • By the end of this year the world will see either a nuclear Iran or a strike on Iran.
  • The Iranians are mobilizing many military forces to the Azerbaijani border.
  • In yesterday’s air strike on Iranian targets in eastern Syria some surface-to-surface missile launchers were destroyed.
  • The Middle East is reaching a boiling point. What will be the match that will cause the blast and fire?
  • Czech Republic buys Israeli Spyder air-defense weapon for $627 million
  • Pipe bombs were found in the apartment of two Palestinian brothers in Belgium
  • Kamala Harris applauds student, who accused Israel of ‘ethnic genocide,’ for speaking ‘your truth’
  • Syrian source reveals: Iran holds in Syria 30,000 missiles in various ranges
  • I’ve never seen so many Iranian threats within such a short time . They are afraid of something imminent!
  • Reports on Iranian nuclear waste that made its way in trucks driven by people dressed with hazmat suits into Syria for the making of dirty bombs.
  • US and Qatar impose joint sanctions on Lebanon’s Hezbollah
  • Iranian source: IRGC missile sites in Tehran have entered full alert.
  • For the first time, the Iranian intelligence chief issued a direct warning to Israeli and American bases located in the territory of Kurdistan
  • The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island is erupting, according to the USGS
  • BREAKING: Iran to hold largest military exercise in two decades on the border with Azerbaijan
  • China unveils new drone it says can fly 20+ hours, 435 mph
  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Thursday that the UAV had bombed a site of Iranian militias in the al-Bukmal area, near the Syrian border with Iraq.
  • North Korea does not stop: The state news agency announced that a new anti-aircraft missile test was conducted yesterday in order to test the “operational capability of the launch pad, identification system and command vehicle”
  • Reports from Iranian opposition sources: violent clashes on the Iranian-Azerbaijani border. Iran just began to shell heavily cities inside Azerbaijan.
  • Turkish President Erdogan: Turkey will work with Russia on space, submarines, and warships
  • Second day in a row with a new record in Chinese intrusions into Taiwan’s airspace
  • Reports that transport planes transported military equipment from Israel to Baku
  • During the Iranian army’s exercises on the border with Azerbaijan, an AH-1 Super Cobra attack helicopter assigned to Iranian Army accidentally opened fire on own positions, as a result of which three soldiers were killed.
  • The tropical storm Shaheen intensified into a ‘category 1’ tropical cyclone earlier today and will be affecting regions in UAE and Oman.
  • History in the Arab world as Israel opened an impressive pavilion at EXPO 2020 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates!
  • ‘War with Israel already started’ says Iranian FM spokesman
  • Horrifying video of the Tropical Cyclone Shaheen in Oman.
  • A car bomb in Ramadi, Anbar governorate, Iraq
  • French police found a weapons depot in Marseille’s 15th arrondissement on Saturday.
  • New restrictions from Azerbaijan for Iranian trucks on the occupied Goris-Kapan road.
  • Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister has announced the start of negotiations to end the conflict in Yemen.
  • Unshakable Brotherhood-2021″ will be held in #Nakhchivan on October 5-8. Turkey and Azerbaijan Joint combat tactical training will take place.
  • Hassan Yazdani, the Iranian wrestler, defeated his American rival, DavidTaylor, and won the world heavyweight championship in freestyle wrestling, in a competition held in Norway.
  • On Sunday, the International Consortium of Press Investigators unveiled the results of its investigations into financial secrecy, which revealed some 35 current and past leaders and more than 300 senior government officials involved in tax-based companies, after analyzing some 12 million documents known as Pandora Documents.
  • Erdogan Might Be Too Sick to Keep Leading Turkey
  • In Hamas-Run Gaza, the Last Arab Christians Are Hanging On
  • Azerbaijan to buy air defense systems from Israel Arrow3.
  • The Israeli Air Force next week will host its biannual Blue Flag aerial exercise, with the F-35 stealth fighter jet taking part in the drill for the first time, the military said Friday.
  • Four more Chinese J-16 fighter jets entered Taiwan’s identification area on a night flight, just hours after the intrusion of 52 aircraft. A total of 149 aircraft have been reported since Friday.
  • Iranian plot to assassinate Israelis in Cyprus thwarted!
  • Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein-Amir Abdullahian announced in a meeting in Tehran with the Azerbaijani ambassador that Iran does not tolerate the presence and activities of the “Zionist regime” against Iran’s national security and will take appropriate measures accordingly
  • Elections in Iraq are approaching and Israel “suddenly” has become the main discourse on the Iraqi street.
  • The Pentagon: “We are examining whether there is any security threat behind the disruption of social media platforms.”
  • Reuters: 13-year-old Chinese hacker Sun Jisu is responsible for shutting down Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services.
  • Al-Jazeera report: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has decided to impose a closure for security reasons in all or part of the Sinai Peninsula.
  • A Russian submarine completed two hypersonic Zircon cruise missile tests.
  • After approved by the House of Representatives:, the US Senate is expected to vote in about half an hour on the approval of the $1B Iron Dome funding.
  • Opposition from an unexpected side:Sen. Rand Paul blocks Sen. Bob Menendez’s effort to fast-track $1 billion in emergency Iron Dome missile defense system funding via unanimous consent.
  • China PCR test orders soared before first reported COVID case

En nu was ik pas iets over de helft…

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